True Indulgence: Deep Fried Samoas

It’s smack in the middle of the Evergreen State Fair, next month the Puyallup Fair kicks off, followed by the Central Washington State Fair in Yakima… that means we’ve all got fair fun on the brain! We heard about another council in Indiana doing something pretty cool this year with their State Fair, so we sent our secret Hoosier spies to check it out and report back. Know what they found? Deep fried Samoas!

Deep fried Samoas and more

Girl Scouts of Central Indiana honored Girl Scouts’ 100th Anniversary with “Rock the Fair” at the Indiana State Fair, complete with all kinds of Girl Scout celebrations. There were tents for getting to try out Journeys activities, displays of Girl Scout memorabilia, a sponsored livestock nursery (where girls could see cows giving birth and caring for newborn calves) and even a birthday serenade with 2,000 cupcakes!

Very cool, right? But of course, people couldn’t stop talking about the deep fried Samoas. They were made by dipping Samoa cookies into a super secret sweet batter and then frying them until golden brown. For $5 fair attendees could get a plate of six tasty treats, with crisp but fluffy outsides and a hot, gooey, chocolate center! Confused what kind of cookie a Samoa is? You might know them as Caramel deLites.

We’re also hearing that the State Fair of Texas will be one of the other lucky fairs to get to try out deep fried Samoas this year. Though there won’t be any deep-fried Girl Scouts treats at the Puyallup Fair, we’ll be there with all kinds of Girl Scout fun like a photo booth, a parade, all kinds of Girl Scout memorabilia- keep your eyes peeled for more details next week!

But, I want deep-fried Samoas right now!

Have we got your tastebuds tingling? We don’t know the secret recipes they’re using at the Indiana State Fair or the State Fair of Texas but we found a YouTube author who’s brought his own take to making deep fried Samoas. While we disagree that any cookie can be a true substitute for a Girl Scout cookie, we love this easy how-to video. Remember, if you try to recreate his recipe make sure there are adults there to help and everyone is extra careful to not get burned!

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