Day: March 14, 2022

Black text reads, "“I volunteer for Girl Scouts because every child deserves a space to thrive.” next to two images of a Girl Scout troop across the years.
Lead Like a Girl Scout

From Troop Leader to Future Leader: Making the World a Better Place

I didn’t have much experience as a Girl Scout. I was nervous about taking the job. Could I be a troop leader? How much of a time commitment is it really? Is it hard? The other mom I knew was a willing partner, so we said OK, let’s do it! Soon, our troop had 10 kids from different schools in our area. Each one was unique. Family situations, cultural backgrounds, personalities, and interests collided into this mix of kids that may not have met without Girl Scouts. Those same second graders we met on a cold rainy day in the park are now in eighth grade—and they’re still friends. They’re still growing and learning, but they possess unshakable confidence in themselves and those around them.  

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