Your donation makes a difference!

Making a donation to Girl Scouts of Western Washington is something you can (and should!) feel good about. We’re a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and we rely on an incredible pool of donors who give generously to help make an immediate different in the lives of girls.

If you’d like to donate today, you can do so through our website. All contributions make an impact, regardless of amount.

Donations help support girls in your community

Alongside our ongoing fundraising efforts, there are several initiatives you may be interested in learning more about. Each girl who joins Girl Scouts pays annual dues of $12, all of which goes towards Girl Scouts of the USA, our national organization, for national program development and insurance. To guarantee participation for all our local girls, we rely on donors and members contributing as part of Family and Troop giving. If you’d like to learn more, contact Teresa Woods at (206) 267-1831.

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