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Awesome Woman of the Month: Jessie Oleson (aka Cakespy!)

Jessie and her Cakespy creations!

How would you like to be a dessert detective? You could eat your way through bakeries across every city you ever live in or visit, and tell people about your sweet discoveries. And people would listen. In fact, millions of people would reference your (very famous) blog every time they needed some advice about how they might best spend their calories. Read more

Get Inspired by Rachel Belle’s Radio Journey!

Rachel is in the back row, in pigtails!

August’s Awesome Woman of the Month: Rachel Belle

She stood at the fountain with her eyes closed, tossed in a penny, and made a wish.

Her wish? Pizza.

As a young girl, when Rachel Belle made that wish at the fountain, she was wishing for dinner, but she was really wishing for something bigger. She was asking to be surrounded by something she loves. Food just happens to be one of the many things Rachel loves, and, today, as a well-known reporter and personality on KIRO FM’s The Ron & Don Show, it’s something she gets to talk about a lot. On her weekend show, Ring My Belle Weekends, she often interviews cookbook authors and chefs, and even talks about Girl Scout Cookies! It’s not all about food, though. For this radio journalist, it’s about people. It’s about the sharing of stories, and the making of connections. It’s about heart, truth and emotion. Mostly, it’s about a dream come true. Read more

Molly Moon Sighting at Girl Scout Camp River Ranch!

Molly Moon arrives at Camp River Ranch!

It has been confirmed by our super-secret ice cream spies. Molly Moon was seen at Girl Scout Camp River Ranch last Tuesday, singing her heart out with a group of very surprised campers. Not only did they get to ask her questions about ice cream and listen to her talk about how much she loves Girl Scout Camp, but they got to pick any flavor they wanted from her ice cream truck! And who handed out the scoops? Molly, of course! Read more

Awesome Woman of the Month: Molly Moon Neitzel

“One of the beautiful things about ice cream is that almost any ingredient or combination of ingredients you find in your community can be turned into an ice cream that will impress your dinner guests!” –Molly Moon

Photo courtesy of

If you live in Seattle, Molly Moon’s is a household name. And, if you live near any of Molly’s four shops, you’ve probably found clever ways to work ice cream into your lunch plan and – let’s face it – dinner, too! Most people who’ve tried her ice cream can tell you that any time is a good time for a scoop! Read more

Introducing the Awesome Woman of the Month

Joyful jump!

Welcome to our new monthly blog feature, Awesome Woman of the Month. Before we introduce our first awesome woman, we thought we should answer the obvious question: Read more

Welcome to our blog!

Girl Scouting in the school day 2

Welcome to the Girl Scouts of Western Washington blog!

You may already know us from our posts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram. Maybe you’re a not-so-secret Girl Scout cookie enthusiast. Whether you’re simply curious about Girl Scouting or you’re a lifelong member, we’re excited to launch this blog Read more