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Celebrate Girl Scout Week!

Girl Scout Week

Girl Scout Week is celebrated each March, starting with Girl Scout Sunday and it always includes the Girl Scout Birthday, March 12. The Girl Scout Birthday on March 12 commemorates the day in 1912 when Juliette Gordon Low officially registered the organization’s first 18 girl members in Savannah, Georgia. This year, 2015, represents our 103rd birthday!

What Does Each Day Stand For?

Each day of the Girl Scout Week represents something different. Here what they stand for and a few ideas on how you could celebrate.

  • Girl Scout Sunday: Take part in a religious service and wear your Girl Scout uniform. Consider earning your My Promise, My Faith pin. Explore a faith different from your own.
  • Service to Family Monday: Give back to the people in your family or your home.
  • Service to Community Tuesday: Give back to your school, church or any organization that helps our community.
  • Health and Safety Wednesday: Learn how to incorporate healthy living, exercise, stress relief, nutrition and FUN into your everyday life.
  • International Friendship Day Thursday and GIRL SCOUTS BIRTHDAY: Find an international pen pal. Learn how you can make a difference in your global community.
  • Arts and Culture Friday: Go to a play, museum or concert. Learn how to you can support the arts in your local community.
  • Service to the Planet Saturday: Learn how you can make a difference in your community through conservation and ecology.

Earn Your Girl Scout Week Patch

If you’re ready to take Girl Scout Week to the next level, you can earn your Girl Scout Week Patch. Check out the requirements here!

5 Reasons Why the World Needs More Girl Scouts

Happy Birthday

One hundred and two years ago today—on March 12, 1912—the very first Girl Scout Troop was founded by Juliette Gordon Low.

A few months before, she had called a friend and said, “I’ve got something for the girls of Savannah, and all of America, and all the world, and we’re going to start it tonight!” And she wasn’t kidding.  Read more

The Brownie Story

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Libertygrace0

Where Did Brownies Get Their Name?

Have you ever wondered how Brownies got their name? One of our staffers reminded us about a story she’d heard as a little girl as part of her investiture ceremony when she joined her Brownie troop. This made us curious what else we could find out, and we wanted to share with you! Read more

Seasoned Girl Scout Still Going Strong After 110 Years!

Grandma_Otis_CamelMost people have spent their lives in normal ways—never having founded a camp, for example, or ridden a camel in Egypt … in their eighties. Even fewer have made it to the age of 110, or are constantly sent thank-you cards for having made a difference in someone’s life.

Given these statistics, you might be shocked to learn that the person described above actually exists, and has even managed to live her entire life without medicine! In fact, she attributes her feistiness and impeccable health to whole milk. That’s Emma Otis!

Read more

Renton girls explore Girl Scouts’ origins

Arriving in the Peach State

Last week Troop 1776 in Renton made the trek to Savannah, GA to visit the birthplace of Girl Scouting’s founder, Juliette Gordon Low. Making this trip extra special, the girls had fundraised enough that the entire trip was paid for, including airfare, lodging and entry fees! Read more