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Visualizing Their Future: Girl Scouts Beyond Bars Career Day


What Do You Want To Do?

A lawyer, a veterinarian and a photographer walk into a room… Okay, you might be wondering: is this the start of a bad joke? Not at all! Instead, it starts to describe all the fun professional fields girls got to explore during a Girl Scouts Beyond Bars (GSBB) event this month! Read more

Recognizing the Girl Scout Career of Cheryl Chow

Tenacious. Spirited. Champion. Fighter.

When an unofficial poll was conducted of over 150 Girl Scout staff and community members, asking them to share their thoughts about Cheryl Chow, nearly all of them used these words to sum up Cheryl’s work in the community and with Girl Scouts of Western Washington. These words aptly describe a woman who, as a principal, drill team leader, city council member, Girl Scout staffer and parent, has spent her life as an advocate for children. Read more

We’re each 1 in 10 Million


This week we’re delighted to welcome a special guest blogger – one of our girls! Do you have a story you’d like to share? Email Lily if you’d like to be a guest blogger or if you have a tale to tell! With that, we’ll turn the reins over to Shaheerah to recount an incredible trip she took last month:

I’m Shaheerah, my friend Sophie and I were the two girls that were selected from Washington State to be a part of this spectacular event, the Girls’ World Forum. Read more