Molly Moon Sighting at Girl Scout Camp River Ranch!

Molly Moon arrives at Camp River Ranch!

It has been confirmed by our super-secret ice cream spies. Molly Moon was seen at Girl Scout Camp River Ranch last Tuesday, singing her heart out with a group of very surprised campers. Not only did they get to ask her questions about ice cream and listen to her talk about how much she loves Girl Scout Camp, but they got to pick any flavor they wanted from her ice cream truck! And who handed out the scoops? Molly, of course!

Many girls may not know that Molly attended 11 years of Girl Scout Camp in McCall, Idaho. It was there she says she learned valuable life lessons she still uses today. “Girl Scouts helped me learn the importance of being helpful and friendly to everyone you meet,” Molly says, “and definitely taught me how to be self-sufficient. I wanted to open an ice cream shop (even when some people told me it wouldn’t work), and I did! Girl Scouts helped me realize that girls can do anything!”

Molly talked to campers about starting a business, served up ice cream, then trekked to Remlinger Farms (just down the road from camp) to pick berries with a small group of girls. Molly was excited about the farm visit because she gets her strawberries from Remlinger Farms! This surprise day at camp was the cherry on top of a year full of super-sweet things Molly has been doing to support girls in western Washington! (P.S. pages 6-7 of her new cookbook are all about Girl Scouts!)

Molly’s love of camp is why she created two camp scholarships for girls who attend Girl Scouts of Western Washington camps this year. “Girl Scouts is one of the best things you can do growing up,” Molly says. “Girl Scouts and Girl Scout Camp are such a part of who I am, that I wanted to give back in any way I could. I figured an ice cream party was a start.”

Molly Moon had a dream, and she used the tools she learned in Girl Scouts and in life to make that dream come true. Her ice cream evolution is a great example of what one woman can do when she has the courage, confidence and character needed to make the world a better place! She uses ice cream to make a difference. What will YOU use?


  1. That’s AWESOME! What a treat for the girls! Way to go Molly!

  2. Way to go Molly! What an awesome treat for the girls at camp!

  3. Lobo SU510 says:

    I’m going to Molly Moon’s this weekend! If she supports Girl Scouts, I’m going to support HER!

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