A Brand New Girl Scout Song!

Have you dreamed about being a successful singer? How about a music video director? Many girls (and boys!) dream about being a star, but don’t know what it means to have a job in the music business. Troop #48544 from Tacoma recently talked about career exploration, and how you choose a career.

As a group, they decided they wanted to learn more about the music business. Instead of simply reading about it, the girls set an ambitious goal to write a song and produce a music video! What did they decide to write their song about? Girl Scouts, of course! With the help of Julia, their program coordinator, and Danielle, their program assistant, the girls at first decided that they could achieve what they wanted by having four lessons over four weeks. Once they started planning and practicing, they realized they wanted extra time to rehearse (including with their principal, Ms. Roth!), so they decided to give themselves more time to plan and to practice.

Besides trying to make sure they had enough time to learn the song and choreography, the girls realized that sometimes it’s hard to make everyone in a group happy, especially when you want to make sure everybody gets a chance to share their ideas. Working together, they also noticed that some people have really big personalities, and sometimes they overshadow other people who are a little more quiet, or don’t feel confident speaking up. Have you ever felt that way? Luckily Troop #48544 came together and decided they would try to include everyone’s ideas, so that everyone could be happy! By the end, the girls worked together to make sure they created a video that they loved! We’re proud to present the video here:

Do you think, after all that hard work, that the girls changed their minds about pursuing music as a career when they’re older? Not these girls! After this project, they said they were even more excited. Let’s give a big cheer to Allura, Deianira, Florencia, Ibeth, Janet, Lizbeth and Sophia for all their hard work!

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