Ending Bullying, One Foot at a Time


Talk about taking a step towards solidarity! We were amazed by the outpouring of support we received from girls, troops, volunteers and staff for the Million Misfit Sock March on October 25, which was created as a way to take a stand against bullying by wearing misfit socks.

Socksnna-3We heard stories from girls who were bullied, and stories from girls who were having conversations with each other and their peers about ways to prevent bullying. In fact, more and more of these conversations are happening locally as we keep moving forward with our Power Up program here in western Washington.

SocksAmandaRees2.jpgIf you or anyone you know would like to learn how to identify bullying, how to prevent it and how to intervene when you see it, consider joining one of our Power Up workshops! Just one more way to make one person’s life – in your community and, ultimately, in the world – a little better.


Hey, that’s Troop 42920 from Issaquah!


And that’s Emma and Audrey rocking the mismatched sock look!


Great socks from the Girl Scouts of Western Washington staff in our DuPont office.


Cool colors, Troop 42323 from Bellevue!


And check this out – Troop 40623 from Bremerton is so big, they had to break into two groups for these photos!


And in a final nod to solidarity, here are some staff from our Bellevue and Seattle offices mixed with Troop 41128 from Olympia and Troop 41577 from Tacoma.

Thank you to everyone who participated here in western Washington and across the country. Together, we can end bullying by putting one foot in front of the other, and walking together toward peace and kindness.

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