Celebrate National Bullying Prevention Month with Girl Scouts


Bullying is a big problem facing girls and teens. Almost 54% of girls say they have been bullied in the last twelve weeks—and that number has got to change.

That’s why we’re celebrating National Bullying Prevention Month this October. All this month, we’re sharing information, resources and examples of girls taking action to prevent bullying on our Facebook page.

The best part is that many Girl Scouts in western Washington are already taking part in anti-bullying experiences. From creating anti-bullying campaigns for their Highest Awards projects, to learning how to prevent bullying when they’re a bystander in our Power Up workshops, Girl Scouts always strive to BFF—Be a Friend First!

Want to join in? Here are five ways you can take your Girl Scout anti-bullying know-how to the next level:

1. Participate in a Power Up Workshop

The Power Up Bully Prevention Program helps the 85% of bystanders to bullying (rather than targets or bullies) stand up when they see something wrong! Through hands-on workshops, Girl Scouts can learn how to recognize bullying and take action to effectively intervene!

We also offer adults workshops and trainings for volunteers who want to lead their own. Check out the Power Up Bully Prevention Program for more details.

2. Share Your Misfit Sock Photos

Join the Million Misfit Sock March! This movement began in 2012 and asks people to wear misfit (mismatched) socks for one day to celebrate what makes us different and take a stand against bullying.

Want to take part? On October 24, snap a photo of you wearing your favorite pair of misfit socks and post it on our Facebook page to have it added to our album! For inspiration, here are a few sample pictures from last year:MisfitSocks.banner


3. Take Action about Anti-Bullying

From Brownies to Ambassadors, Girl Scouts can tackle anti-bullying projects for their Bronze, Silver or Gold Award project. Last year, more than 58 local Girl Scouts, representing almost 30 troops, completed Highest Award projects related to anti-bullying. 

Here are just a few examples of their anti-bully project ideas: Troop 50393 created comic strips about anti-bullying and hung them up all over their school, Troop 40952 hosted a workshop for elementary school students, Troop 42724 filmed a “commercial” to encourage folks to defy stereotypes and Troop 40545 got out into their community to share interactive anti-bullying lessons!

This month, we’ll be sharing more local examples of girls who are taking on bullying, so keep your eyes peeled for their stories!

4. Kindness Travels

With the Girl Scouts of the USA Kindness Travels app, you can send a random act of kindness to a girl on the other side of the world—or request a message whenever you need encouragement! What kind words will you send?

5. Check Out BFF Resources

The Girl Scouts of the USA Be a Friend First (BFF) anti-bullying initiative has some awesome online resources:

  • Test Your Bullying IQ: When you know more about bullying, you can make a stand when it starts, and stop it before it gets worse. Take this quiz to test your bullying IQ, so you can fight the problem by being part of the solution!
  • Test Your Online Etiquette IQ: You’ll BFF (Be a Friend First) when you really think about what your texts, tweets and Facebook posts say about you and the people you care about. Take this quiz to learn more about being a good friend online, and see how much you really know about cyberbullying.
  • Girl Scouts Talk Bullying: Watch this thought-provoking video to learn how Girl Scouts across the country are standing up to bullies.


How are you celebrating National Bullying Prevention Month? Share your ideas in the comments!

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