10 Awesome Silver Award Projects That Blew Us Away!

SilverAward_PageBannerOver the past year, 243 local Girl Scouts from eleven counties completed almost 13,000 hours of service through 115 Silver Award Projects. Those are some incredible numbers!

Projects ranged from hosting a gigantic career fair and helping recruit guide dog volunteers, to teaching girls about snap circuits and building a sustainable greenhouse entirely out of plastic bottles. How cool is that?

Here’s a snapshot of just ten of these great projects—get ideas, get inspired, or just get excited about the amazing girls who are making a difference in our community …

1. The Food Pantry GardenCompleted by Leanna H

Girl Scout Leanna took action to help end hunger. For her project, she partnered with The Holy Innocents Church Food Pantry that serves over 65 families every week, and over 100 families during the winter holidays. Her contribution? A sustainable food garden! Now, youth groups, local students and community members can manage and harvest the crops from Leanna’s garden to help those in need throughout the year.


2. Career FairCompleted by Kaitlin R

Where do you want to go to college? What do you want to be when you grow up? Kaitlin wanted to help her classmates answer those questions and give them a chance to ask a couple questions themselves. She organized a gigantic career fair at her middle school—85 professionals turned up to give advice and 700 parents and students attended the event!

3. Clean Water and Salmon in the Puyallup River – Completed by Abigail A, Alyssa M, Stephanie B, Madison M

These four gals hosted a Brownie workshop to teach their sister Girl Scouts about clean water and healthy salmon habitat. To ensure their Silver Award project had an impact beyond the Girl Scout community, they took their advocacy even wider by making a sign to educate the general public and each spent twenty hours each cleaning up garbage along the Puyallup River.

4. My Little Library Bellevue Completed by Anusha S, Malaya M, Kira L

Providing affordable and accessible books for children in their community was a driving force behind this Silver Award project. Girl Scouts Anusha, Malaya and Kira planned and built a little lending library where kids can pick up books and return them with ease … all at no cost.

5. Fair Housing Act
– Completed by Kim B

The Fair Housing Act is meant to protect people from discrimination when they are renting or buying a place to live. Girl Scout Kim wanted to learn more, so she read, researched and spoke with a person with a disability who had gone through the process of securing housing. Kim became an advocate for fair housing practices and helped spread awareness about the resources available to those in need.

6. Awareness of Guide Dogs for the Blind – Completed by Melanie C

For her Silver Award project, Girl Scout Melanie set out to increase volunteer numbers for guide dogs for the blind. She found out that local clubs dedicated to the cause needed a lot of people to their support guide dogs: puppy sitters, volunteers, and people who could raise the dogs. Melanie created a reusable information board they use at events to get people informed and excited about pitching in to help!

7. STEM Snap Circuits for KitsCompeted by Emma E

After noticing that some schools in her community didn’t have many STEM activities, Emma decided to create a free after-school STEM class. With Emma’s help, the students learned snap circuits and how to create all kinds of toys—from radios and lights to flying saucers!


8. Shirts for Foster GirlsCompleted by Ashleigh W, Mikayla H, Kimberly S

These three ladies partnered with Treehouse—an organization that provides foster kids with essential support—to make and distribute 50 trendy shirts, jeans and bracelets for foster girls entering high school. Knowing how difficult it can be to fit in, Ashleigh, Mikayla and Kimberly wanted to help their peers feel confident, fashionable and fierce!

9. Math Facts – Julia W, Amanda W, Margaret C, Sarah M

Hoping to encourage confidence and strength in math, Julia, Amanda, Margaret and Sarah worked one-on-one with students in a fourth-grade class at their school. They visited every Friday, bringing practice tests and fun games to build up math skills and grow self-esteem.

10. Environment-Friendly Greenhouse – Completed by Sam K and Sierra J

Over the course of a year, Girl Scouts Sam and Sierra collected more than 1,500 two-liter plastic water bottles from four local schools. Their goal? Build a greenhouse. Their greenhouse—which is entirely constructed from the bottles and stands at a local church—is now used to grow food. These gals really know the meaning of the phrase “reduce, reuse, recycle”!

Congratulations to all the Girl Scouts who earned Highest Awards—Bronze, Silver or Gold—this year! You’re proof that Girl Scouts know how to take action to make the world a better place.

Feeling inspired? Start your Bronze, Silver or Gold Award project today.

Have you done an awesome project with Girl Scouts? Tell us in the comments!


  1. Kriss P says:

    I am an 02 with a cadette/senior troop in Springfield, PA. My daughter would like to tailor her silver award to bringing more information to local businesses and volunteers about service dogs. Specifically PTSD service dogs. Any guidelines you can share would be wonderful. Thank you.

  2. Willow P says:

    Those r really cool ideas and I can never do something that awesome. For my silver award I am do a sports/fun day for brownies and juniors to introduce them to new sports to little kids, to be active and to exercise more. Every thing is ok besides the money part. We looked up that is says that the only way to make money is by cookie booths and to sell a lot of cookies. But that can’t be it. Do u have any ideas or suggestions. Please comment back. Thank You.

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