Camp 2020 Re-imagined – Part 2

Welcome to Our Volunteer-Led Camps!
To say that camps looked different this summer is an understatement. We all had to adapt to the current climate of the world, finding a balance between safety and fun. Still, we’re very proud of our hardworking and enthusiastic volunteers who found creative ways to turn this summer into a fun experience for campers at our Volunteer-Led Camps across western Washington. Alpenglow Day Camp created a camp in a box; for a fee, campers across western Washington received a box filled with high-quality materials and access to instructional videos. Although the organizers were disappointed over the inability for in-person camp, they were excited to rise to the challenge. “We’re a bunch of high-performing Girl Scouts who love the outdoors and love things that are built to last,” said Christine Olson, one of the main organizers for Alpenglow.  Alpenglow Camp-In-A-Box Girl Scout Camp Juliette, a community camp in Shelton, WA, also utilized the camp in a box format through a theme of Camp Juliette traditions, such as the inclusion of lanterns and gnomes. The theme and activities were chosen by the teen leaders of the camp, who wanted to let campers continue Camp Juliette traditions at home. “I’m so proud of these young women for their commitment to being a part of this camp program with all the continued challenges we are experiencing this year, not just as Girl Scouts but with all aspects of our lives,” said Jessica “Princess” Gruber, one of the organizers for Camp Juliette.  Camp Evergreen, another Volunteer-Led Camp, also created a free virtual camp to ensure that campers would have something to look forward to for the summer. “Camp Evergreen is special to us — it may not be as fancy as some of the other camps, but it holds a place in the hearts of many,” said Catherine “TicTac” Smith, a Camp Evergreen organizer. “We hope that a bit of Camp Evergreen spirit went out into the virtual world and made this summer a bit better for other girls experiencing this different world we are currently living in.”  Valley Day Camp also wanted to give their campers a camp experience that they could use at home. “That’s what we wanted to do —  give them something to look forward to and kick off their summer like we already do,” said Lacey Valdez, one of Valley Day Camp’s main organizers. As a team, the volunteers of Valley Day Camp created a blog camp with activities and videos that were released over the course of the week. “We offered our camp for free to all,” said Valdez. “Our camp covered all of the costs for the supplies because we wanted to be sure all girls could do the camp regardless of their current financial situation.” Valley’s approach was to give each camper as many opportunities as possible, while creating a sense of community within the virtual setting. “It was a fun week,” Valdez added. Gone Sasquatchin Girl ScoutGone Sasquatchin was designed for Girl Scouts to explore and be inspired by the outdoors while safely social distancing. Run by a group of dedicated volunteers and staff, called the Outdoor Champions, the Sasquatch Playground website is full of resources for everything from simple backyard or city park observation ideas to primitive camping resources. Girl Scouts are still adventuring the outdoors during fall, and stay connected through social media and the #GoneSasquatchin hashtag. We’re already looking forward to 2021! Volunteers and staff are finding ways to plan programming that will adapt to what next summer may end up looking like. Volunteer-Led camps each have their own registration process and dates, but you can find more information on the Volunteer-Led Camps page of our website! 

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