Explore Your New Enewsletters!

Great news, Girl Scouts! We’ve made a few changes to make
your enewsletters more relevant, readable, and rad. Starting November 2022,
we’ll send five monthly enewsletters designed to bring you the information you

  1. All Members: General council information for all local Girl Scout members
  2. Younger Girl Scouts (K-5th Graders): Age-specific information and events
  3. Older Girl Scouts (6-12th Graders): Age-specific information and events
  4. Volunteers: Volunteer resources, events, and reminders
  5. Friends of Girl Scouts: Council information and Girl Scout stories for our community members and supporters

Current Girl Scout youth and volunteer members will receive
at least two enewsletters every month. In the first week, you’ll receive
general council information in the all-member enewsletter. In the third and
fourth weeks, you’ll receive an enewsletter with specific information for your
Girl Scout age level or role.

Friends of Girl Scouts include alums, donors, camp stewards,
board members, and other supporters in our community. People in this category
will receive one enewsletter each month with updates from our council, moving
Girl Scout stories, and engagement opportunities.

If you fit multiple categories, you might hear from us between
two to five times each month.

Content Sections

Each enewsletter will be organized into content sections to
help you find exciting news, important reminders, upcoming events, and social
media highlights.

  • Features: Council updates, new programs, Girl Scout
    stories, and more
  • News and Alerts: Important reminders, deadlines, and
    action items
  • Events: Upcoming Girl Scout events and workshops
  • Social Media: Recent highlights from our council social

For current Girl Scouts, these changes will take place automatically, and you’ll receive the appropriate enewsletters based on your membership information.

Community members who already receive emails from us will automatically receive the Friends of Girl Scouts enewsletters. You can subscribe to make sure you’re on the list.

See you in your email inbox!

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